Phone Listings From Area Code 858-699 State Of California

  • Area Code : 858-699
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : New Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: San Diego
  • County: San Diego

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Latest Comments for 858-699

August 28 7:12 am
Really? Then would you please post the following information1. Name and address of plaintiff2. Name and address of courtYou cant have any objection, since court documents are a public record.No one signs off on service of process. The process server hands you the documents, the summons and complaint. . Period.

July 8 1:02 pm
Dont forget the thumb too! :-)This is L. H. Puttgrass signing off and heading for the tub!

July 16 2:14 pm
I agree with CTek. I also have a Panasonic KG *.* phone which is a slightler older model but allows 250 call blocks. (I am jealous of his/her model because they can block an entire area code.) The process is simple. When one of the blocked calls tries, our phone rings one time. I wish it wouldnt ring at all, but take satisfaction in knowing they cant get through to us. It has become a game in our house. The DoNotCall list is a national joke. It simply doesnt work. Our answering machine message states that if you appear as UNAVAILABLE OR PRIVATE CALLER or UNKNOWN CALLER we will not answer the phone. If you are a friend or someone we do business with, then please leave a message. In plain English, if we dont know who you are, and you need to keep it a secret, we Do Not Answer.Telemarketers have found ways around the DNCL. Lots and lots of disposable cell phones that cant be traced, calls that are routed through another country and calls actually coming from another country. They are relentless. I believe there is a great market for more and more sophisticated home answering devices created by these very annoying and unconscionable telemarketers. I have some great ideas for developers of such devices. One would be the ability to press a forward button on your handset (if you know darned well you dont know a soul in, lets say, Tuscaloosa AL, you hit the forward button and their call goes to another number you have selected from other callers you have already blocked. In other words, flip the telemarketer call to another telemarketer. Same idea as getting several junk mail offers, taking the response for one (making sure youve torn away your name or other identifying information, and stuff it into a different junk mail envelope as a response. Let them pay the postage for more junk.

July 16 9:14 am
It's Best Buy.  I work there, just ordered a dishwasher yesterday and they called this morning from this exact number.  They left me a message.

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