Phone Listings From Area Code 860-561 State Of Connecticut

  • Area Code : 860-561
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southern New England Teleph...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: West Hartford
  • County: Hartford

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Latest Comments for 860-561

July 10 11:02 am
Youre right- we do need to take responsibility for our own idiocy. That being so, I encourage you, and others who have commented on the stupidity of those who fell for the scams (and are kindly warning others of them), to consider your own shortcomings.Its not smart to fall for the scams, and I have not, but I daresay its also not terribly smart to take out loans at a rate of about 22% interest on each one. Ive done that and so have you. Every person in our smart population, who uses a credit card, agrees to that less than smart deal- over and over and OVER again . . . Each and every transaction on your CREDIT card is a LOAN taken at a SUPER EXORBITANT rate. How smart is that??The banks take from us as much as they can, within the confines of existing law. Given the rates we pay, I think they can be expected to do a bit more for us than distributing our loan dollars and keeping track of what we owe them.

August 23 6:06 pm
The message said something about a football pool...I dont do this kind of thing and do not recognize this number.

July 16 1:26 am
During that 31 day period, after signing up for the Do Not Call list, anyone can call. I heard, in fact, that companies USE the list to harvest #s. So, people CAN read...the A Holes who are calling just found a way to get around the policy! Try not to be do helps no one, not even YOU!

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