Phone Listings From Area Code 863-276 State Of Florida

  • Area Code : 863-276
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Tampa
  • County: Hillsborough

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Latest Comments for 863-276

August 23 11:39 am
I went to Castle Dental CTR in Sept.2014,the lady there said shed see if I qualify for Care Credit,10 min. later I was approved . Upon going back for my app. I decided to go with and file with my Blue Cross Dental., which paid my bill. I received the Care Credit card in the mail, which I never activated by calling them, nor ever used. I got a statement saying I owed a payment plus late fee. Now they send another statement for Dec. with a past due of $64.00,where do they come up with these charges???They call several times a day, will not leave a message, this has been going on forever! They can try and get blood out of a turnip cause I dont owe them a cent. Correction- My daughter answered their call this eve, they asked to speak with my spouse, he was told by a man with Indian accent he had to verify he was my spouse. How???he was not there, nor did I use any information on my spouse.When asked several times the reason for the call, he refused to say, so my husband hung up on him! Wish Id of never let that lady in the Dental Office do a quick check to see if I could get the loan from Care Credit., Id of said no! Sorry-Just had to vent.:)

July 7 1:07 am
I have sprint too, and this number keeps calling me along with other 800/866 numbers. One even took money out of my account without authorization.

July 12 1:43 am
Clearly her phone was inserting a c where a space needed to be, so what she said honestly does make sense. If it intrigued you enough to insult her grammar you may should hone your observational skills before being quick to insult.

August 26 5:44 pm
I have Verizon but my friend gets these calls and he has AT&T

August 14 5:58 pm
called but no voice message left, didn't try calling back after reading the above messages

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