Phone Listings From Area Code 909-272 State Of California

  • Area Code : 909-272
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Tmobile Usa, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Corona
  • County: Riverside

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Latest Comments for 909-272

July 24 7:12 pm
I think you are correct. It could be the case. Vast majority of people do not understand it nor they have time to think about these things. All kind of games go on!!

August 2 8:07 am
Im a retired phone operator. Ive had many a company or persons try to abuse our phones, cells. Land lines, voiP, and now cell phones are spammed and the caller WANTS You to pay it. Dont answer. If You see it, Hang them up. Any bullcrap they tell you its a way to build rapport and get Your info. Its your Choice to answer or Not!

July 26 10:15 am
called back, reach verizon payment center. 2 things, i dont have verizon and they called me on a home phonewhat a bunch of clowns

August 1 1:17 pm
YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS THE SCAMMER AND POSTING YOUR GARBAGE HERE TO TOTALLY MISLEAD PEOPLE!!! I got a call this morning from 800-454-9078 (on the back of my Chase Freedom card) and the first thing I asked Chase was, Is the 800 number that called me CHASE Fraud Department alerting me to a possible fraudulent charge? and the CS person said, Yes, this is our Fraud Dept. number, but it was a good thing that you called us by our number on the back of your card. You never know when a number can be hijacked and actually intercept the number, taking you to a scammers number. But, in this case, the 800-454-9078 number is Chases number. True, this number is not listed on the sites you have listed below with links, and I have no idea why, but is IS DEFINITELY LEGIT!!! Dont take my word for it, call Chase yourself to verify what I am saying here: 1-800-524-3880. This is the phone number on my Chase VISA statement, as I already destroyed my credit card, but it will still take you to Chase.People, IGNORE the posts by Anonymous posters who are trying to mislead you into thinking the 800-454-9078 number is a scam. IT IS NOT! Check it out for yourself!!!

August 27 2:30 pm
He said he was calling from "Vegas Vacations" and said "how are you".. I said I wasn't interested in a Vegas vacation and he hung up!

July 13 3:05 pm
This person tries to scam people on Craigslist by replying to ads offering to send a bank check.

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