Phone Listings From Area Code 915-886 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 915-886
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Anthony
  • County: El Paso

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Latest Comments for 915-886

August 16 6:45 pm
received a call from this company offering to advertise my 2014 Chevy Sonic after listing it on Craigslist only a day ago. they stated for a one time payment of 200 they would list my car on over 20 advertisement sites with free financing for whatever buyer they happened to locate and also transport the car to the buyer no cost.when I told them I would be interested in their services but do not have the $200 payment they then asked for whatever amount of money I could possibly afford at that time. When I decline this offer they then asked if I would wait on hold so they could then send me an email if I would be more interested at a later date. I was on hold for 15 seconds and then they disconnected. When trying to call back the number is always busy.

August 6 2:55 pm
Carol - we too get many calls from alleged Microsoft. They hang up the second I say, I did not call you. You called me. I never do business over the phone with anyone I do not call...If theres a problem with my computer, I take it to my computer professional.

August 12 2:48 pm
Invest in a call blocker and do not pick up on call s you do not recognize.

July 27 1:50 pm
I have been receiving the same scam calls too. So when one shows up, I call Verizon Wireless customer service and they are super friendly when I call. They help me block the specific numbers, that call.

August 23 9:53 am
Robo call. Left message about interest rates

August 1 11:24 am
everyday, I'm getting tired of the calls , i don't answer anymore either.

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