Phone Listings From Area Code 917-349 State Of New York

  • Area Code : 917-349
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Omnipoint Communications, I...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: New York
  • County: New York

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Latest Comments for 917-349

July 21 9:34 am
Our government wont help. They are to busy spying on us.

July 7 1:22 am
I, as well as many thousands of others, have registered the Do Not Call list with the government. It does not work because i, and the many others, still get the calls. I just got one this afternoon from the 000-000-0 number. The Do Not Call list does not work for most of us but Im glad it works for you.

July 21 7:48 pm
Me too! they call me anywhere from 2-4 times per day. Its getting annoying. I put the supposed number on my blocked call list but its annoying me even more because it isnt stopping this number from calling my mobile phone so I took it off and plan to tell them to STOP calling me. Ive never heard of any legitimate business using a phone number with all zeros. Sounds bogus to me. Im on the do not call list too but it doesnt seem to stop these people...whomever they are.

July 6 6:04 pm
This is my number.... thats creepy

July 17 3:50 am
Got a message from this # stating that they are interested in woman who had birth defects due to taking medicines while pregnant.  It pointed to the idea of suing or having a group go after major pharmacuetical companies.  I've never heard of this company nor did I sign up for anything relating to them (that I know of).  The message also gave the option to remove you from the list (if you had actually answered the phone) but I refuse to call the # back.

July 22 5:35 pm
Based in Norway, I received a call today. Left no message.

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