Phone Listings From Area Code 917-743 State Of New York

  • Area Code : 917-743
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : New Cingular Wireless Pcs,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: New York
  • County: New York

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Latest Comments for 917-743

August 15 7:46 am
That Troll must work the night shift as he Trolls early every morning for attention.

August 15 8:23 am
Im a bit late responding but I cant resist. When you little bottom feeders buy debt, all you get is an amount and a name. You DONT get the paperwork. Thats why you little idiots call everybody with the same last name in the hopes of coercing some unsuspecting, ill-informed victim to give you money. A notarized letter is NOT proof of debt. Notarized simply means the signature was witnessed by a licensed notary. Your little letters mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Therein lies the problem, little shill. You dont know if your target is the debtor or if the debt has been satisfied via debt forgiveness or bankruptcy or any of the many mechanisms that the law provides for relief of people in dire financial straights. Read about yourself here. Read and weep for the person you are and the industry you support. ?_r=1

August 24 6:11 pm
They call asking for my exgf, after explain this is not her number , who is calling , so I can give them her number, they say are calling from credit one, I never heard of this company before, is a credit card for bad credit.

July 16 12:38 am
Actually, all they did was search county records and then did a basic background search that is available for $1.99 on many websites. Thats how they got your address, number, and some basic info that you mentioned. They did it to me too, but they were calling for my ex-sister in law that hasnt lived here in years an told me I had 1 hour for her to call this attorney, but the person who called me claimed to be the county clerk and gave me an out of state number and said Ill be expecting her call within 1 hour. Uhmm, you told me to call this lawyer and gave me this out of state number, but you just said YOU will be expecting her call? Yep-that gave it away right there. Its most definitely a scam. Its not even a legitimate lawyer, county clerk, summons, case/docket number, etc. Its all fabricated. This scam as well as others have recently plagued many cities here in Arkansas, threatening people with arrest, and physical harm. Just report them to the FTC and your state Attorney General. You can also report the incident to the FBI website, internet crimes division. If they call back and you happen to answer, tell them that you have contacted the American Bar Association and they have no record of an attorney William Johnson being registered to that phone number, or in any state. Tell them that you have spoken to the sheriff and there is nothing for you at all (just like you already have) and that the sheriff department did get a court order to monitor all calls on that line, and it was set up 3 days ago. :) Theyll hang up and move on to the next person. Theyll probably move on to the next city before long. Thats how it happens here.

July 17 11:00 pm
well they use different numbers had one calling and I answered the phone sheriffs dept. had not had a call from them in months. until tonight had one from this number on my caller ID.

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