Phone Listings From Area Code 919-279 State Of North Carolina

  • Area Code : 919-279
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : At&t Local
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Raleigh
  • County: Wake

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Latest Comments for 919-279

July 8 2:59 pm
Want to stop repeated telescam phone calls?Try these alternatives:1. Do not answer the phone if you see an unknown number on your Caller ID ... let it go to answering machine or voicemail. Many telescammers hang up after three or four rings.2. If you have a smartphone, get one of the inexpensive or free phone blocker apps at your online app store, and learn how to use it.3. If your cell is not smart, read the manual to learn how to set up a group. Assign the scammers phone number to that group. Also assign a silent ring to that group. You will not hear future calls from that number.3a. Alternately, assign a silent ringtone as the DEFAULT ringtone. Then, assign your favorite ringtones to friends, family, contacts, businesses, etc. That way, you will not hear your phone ring, even if the scammer changes numbers!4. For cell phones or landlines: Contact your phone service provider. They may have a facility or method to allow you to block numbers.5. If you buy things online, you might want to google phone blocker to see what devices or apps Amazon or other sites have to offer for landlines or smartphones. 6. DO NOT call unknown numbers back without checking who called (800notes is your friend)! All that does is verify your number is live. Instead, read this: ... ing-your-walletIf you want to report potential fraudulent or scam calls, here are two pages of links to (mostly government) sites in Canada and the USA were you can report those scams, or learn more about them.Look here first:If the reporting site you wanted is not in the above list, try this one:

August 11 8:10 pm
Received a spam text message about winning something from BestBuy and to clink a link.

July 24 9:32 am
yes. This is a political scammer trying to get votes.

July 15 5:55 pm
Someone called my house today using this number. My older daughter answered the phone and a man kept insisting she was a little girl and kept asking her if she was alone in the house.

August 9 6:16 am
this is message is indented for DP the very second u receive this message, i need u or ur retained attorney of record to return the call this is voice mail i received i knew this is scam and make our country poor

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