Phone Listings From Area Code 919-425 State Of North Carolina

  • Area Code : 919-425
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Intermedia Communications I...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Durham
  • County: Durham

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Latest Comments for 919-425

August 29 3:34 pm
My 8yr. old has a cell phone. If something happens to him, and he needs to contact his mommy/911. Not that my son is ever unsupervised by an adult at all times, due to his age, and a 16yr old would be unsupervised by adults. You should think before you speak. My neighborhood has not a payphone 1 for several miles. Most of the time he has no minutes, but I still have him carrying it with him everywhere. Wheather it has time or not, it can still be used to contact 911. Not to mention if my child is taken by some sick [***], gps can track my baby. One more thing, do you ever watch the news??? Our babies are not safe anywhere. Not in school, not in church, and sometimes not in thier own homes.

August 13 11:20 pm
the girl at first tried to lower my credit card debt (i dont have any debt) I asked how did u get my number? She Started Repeatin " I love You" 20xs and I said let me speak to your superior please. Some guy answers and say wut the fuk do you want. I said Bich You called me. and we went at it for a minute. I really was heated. I want to shut them down.

July 25 12:35 pm
I got a text from this number at 7:16 a.m. on June 9,2011 asking,"Why would u think that."I responded by asking, "Think what about what?"I got no response.

August 30 6:32 am
This is a very rude bill collector!

July 21 4:35 am
ALL CHURCHS ARE IS A (( business ))!!!!   they just called me. i did not answer it, and yes they left a voice message but i did not check it, TO "HELL" WITH THEM!

July 22 6:39 am
I just got a call this morning 4/21 too. I think he said Fraternal Order of Police, which would be legit. BUT... years ago I was scammed by an organization with an exceedingly similar name and logo, whom the police dept (I called them) denied any relation to. I reported those people to the State Attorney General, after the guy threatened me for not renewing my pledge. So when today's caller admitted he was not truly the FOP but an agency hired by them for the fund raising,  I became suspicious, and said I would rather donate directly to the FOP. He hung up.

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