Phone Listings From Area Code 920-621 State Of Wisconsin

  • Area Code : 920-621
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : New Cell, Inc. Dba Cellcom
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Green Bay
  • County: Brown

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July 18 3:32 am
Yes, it is the Nielson Ratings... been around for Decades...They rate TV Shows & ask for your input to take back to the networks so they know who likes what. (viewer demographics)If you are like me and HATE so called Reality is a chance to VOTE them out of existance by letting the Nielson People know you DONT WATCH THEM. When the networks & advertisers see that interest in certain programing is dropping, that is how shows get dropped... Got a show you like... want to keep it on the air?If they dont know people like a show it could go away...That is what Nielson is all about.If youre watching TV it only takes a minute or two of time to write down the channel numbers, the show name and make a couple x marks on the page.What else do you have to do during those commercial blitz?

August 18 1:42 pm
What??? A job with high pay and no interview?

July 17 9:28 am
You cant possibly be that stupid. You work in a boiler room for some rube who purchased the name and phone number of someone who may or may NOT have an unpaid debt. Then you call everyone with the same last name in the hopes of scaring some unsuspecting person into giving you money. You see, debt purchasers dont get the PAPER WORK, just a name, a state, and sometimes a phone number. Read about yourself here: ?_r=1Thats who YOU are; thats WHAT you are. Sad, pathetic little shill working for $2.00 a post because youre too inept to get any other job.

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