Phone Listings From Area Code 954-617 State Of Florida

  • Area Code : 954-617
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Florida Digital Network
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Fort Lauderdale
  • County: Broward

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Latest Comments for 954-617

July 16 8:12 pm
The same call happened to me at work today. They said they would garnish my wages or suspend my license. And more money was added because it was turned in to a credit collector. Are they alloud to suspend your license? I never herd of such a thing.

July 19 1:31 pm
spam...make money from home recored ad.

August 8 1:28 am
My uncle got sick and tired of people calling him to beg for money, harrasing him, etc.. So He bought a peice of call blocking technology to basicly redirect calls either to voicemail, or to just hang up on the pond scum and politico types that constantly harras him for money and stuff.. It works fairly effectively.. Unfortunaely it hilds up to a few hundered  numbers or patterns... Reminds me of a project I wanted to work on for my MJ number... About the only way I can think of to keep critters like this off of as many peoples butts as possible is to get a Google voice number [which is free] , give that number out as your only public number, and call everyone using it.. It also saves you big money on long distance charges - if you have one of the older station phones.. And it also has a built in call blocking and spam filter.. I am thinking it can block an unlimited number of Jerks, so there should be no limits in that respect either.. I am considering doing this exclusively - using a google voice number with all my outgoing calls to others that are non-relitives... It would also make other call blocking tech more usefull if too much spam was incoming as you could set up a =-very- short list of acceptible callers use that number as the only acceptible incoming caller with the older tech... With the google voice number handling the majority of the incoming call blocks with its higher capacity... {TADA!!! ]

July 26 4:55 am
its your friend sending the text genious!!!! Its not a scam, paranoia will destroy ya.   HAHA!!

August 18 8:34 am
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