Phone Listings From Area Code 956-537 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 956-537
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Sprint Spectrum L.p.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: McAllen
  • County: Hidalgo

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Latest Comments for 956-537

August 8 7:04 pm
My boss has been receiving calls from them 4 times a day for the past week. Really annoying.

August 14 4:13 am
I dont give a [***] what u think hes nice to me so [***] what people thinks right now if Im broke on hes know he sends me the money without asking so [***] you and stop saying bad things about my friend

August 17 7:46 pm
You got that right, Babs. The DNC list most likely was created as part of a pork barrel law that authorized federal funds for the City of Chicago to buy 500 new school buses. Our fearless leaders in Congress do this to make sure a bill passes. Its just more bureaucratic hot air.the same hot air that gave us the IRS, the FCC and the Department of Homeland Security. Your tax dollars at work!!!

July 2 3:26 pm
I got a number from the caller claiming to be my local cable company and that I need to make a payment to ensure that my credit is not ruined. It starts off as a 1800 # and the converts to a 314 number once it is connected. What struck me as odd is that they qouted me a dollar amount that was owed on my account and it was way to small to be the account that were speaking of. Caller hunger up

July 13 11:02 pm
Received 4 calls from this number. Comcast apparently has sold people's phone numbers to them. They call relentlessly, even on the weekends, and even if you're on the Do Not Call list.

August 4 8:53 am
Same thing from 205 351 4708.

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