Phone Listings From Area Code 973-549 State Of New Jersey

  • Area Code : 973-549
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Teleport Communications Gro...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Florham Park
  • County: Morris

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Latest Comments for 973-549

July 17 4:03 am
We just received a call from this number, indicating that he was Jack from Microsoft. He indicated that we were being hacked at that very moment and that he was from Microsoft and wanted to help protect us. When he asked us to start going into My Computer and then Manage My Computer, we obviously didnt proceed, but began asking questions. He refused to provide any credentials and the connection was so terrible, that you could barely hear him. He ended by stating that if I get hacked into my personal information, I better not blame it on Microsoft.and then he hung up on me. I dialed the number back and it had a voice over saying it was not in service. Be aware of this number.

August 25 8:47 am
Using the and any other of those websites still dont work. You still get tons of unwanted calls from salespeople and surveys and whatnot. I have my house phone and cell phone both on the list and it doesnt help for either one. If anything it makes it worse.

August 13 4:55 pm
I received a text from this number wanting to purchase something from me on craigslist. She said she would pay via paypal but I must ship the item to her son in Africa. She has a paypal account: Do not send her an invoice. She will pay you, but its a stolen credit card. Once payment is sent, you ship the item, then 60 days later you will get a chargeback from paypal and they take the money out of your account.

July 15 6:33 am
I received 3 calls from this number today and when i answered the call dissconnected. called back and got a message says all circuts are busy. did a little bit of reasearch on the number and it is the wv wic office in charleston. it is an automatied system reminding you to contact your local wic office ie: missed apt., new classes, ect.

July 17 8:37 am
didn't answer unknown caller

August 24 9:59 am
Calling my job and I have no financial agreements with them

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