Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of individuals who are visiting our website and because of this, we want to secure the data we collect and use from them. The implements this privacy policy to help us determine the information or data we gather from our visitors/users. We require all visiting individuals to review our imposed policy guideline before they proceed in reading and using the published content or services, which include sharing data.

Users or visitors who want to use our website must agree with the existing rules and practices based on this particular condition.

Gathered Data/Information

When gathering information from our users or visitors, we ask for their names, home addresses, phone numbers, emails, ages and their genders. On the other hand, we only gather the information from people who visit if they submit them personally. When using the data or information we collect, this is only for the purpose of completing their request upon visiting and viewing this site.

Gathered and Monitored Web Beacons or Cookies

Part of our duty is to check and gather web cookies to meet the requirements online and this includes the consent for the EU cookies from visitors coming from European Union. This is very important to help us track the different visitors/users who are visiting us. In most cases, we only collect the data involving the user/visitor’s browser and operating system used. We must gather such data or information because we have to verify the number of users or visitors and on how they browse the site. However, we do not use the information for unauthorized matters but for the improvement of our available services.

Information or Data Sharing distribute the information only between our website, permitted services and government agencies to help prevent fraudulent issues and other related investigations. We may share them to other parties with agreement to us, but only under the permission of the law.

Changing of Privacy

When altering the privacy policy, we have the right to due the changes on good manner.